My name is Kasia and I am the kennel's co-owner. During my childhood we always had at least one dog at home. That is why dogs have always been a great part of my life and they always will be. 

I have a masters degree in forensic psychology but after I graduated I decided to focus on my great passion - dogs and dog training. I studied to become a dog trainer and graduated from Hundens Hus in August 2017. Considering my plans to continue working with dogs full time, I am now finishing my dog behaviourist course. 

I keep myself updated on new developments in dog training by attending various seminars and courses. 

I currently have two dogs at home - an old german shepherd and an Australian Shepherd, Jack. Me and Jack train a lot and are currently competing in obedience and rally-obedience. We are even actively training tracking, weight pulling, bikejoring and nose work. We are also frequently attending dog shows, both in Sweden and abroad.

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